Water and energy are woven into our daily lives and are strongly linked to one another (production, distribution, consumption and treatment). It’s simple! Producing energy requires water, and treating and delivering potable (drinking) water requires large amounts of energy.

This complicated interdependence of water and energy is called the Water-Energy Nexus. Although water and energy are interdependent, many still see water and energy as separate processes.

As our water resources face growing limits and stresses, it is important that the community be informed of how their daily actions affect the Nexus, which in turn affects human and environmental health in South Florida. With the basic understanding of how water and energy interconnect WE can make informed decisions on the topics of healthy air quality, protection of our watershed, conservation of water supply and smart water and energy use at home.

Through WE-LAB, WE are helping to secure and sustain our water supply for future generations, and helping to mitigate the impact that a decreased and compromised water supply has on our regional ecology.