What’s WE-LAB?

The Water and Energy Learning and Behavior Project, or WE-LAB, focuses on delivering urgent and highly relevant environmental education about the water-energy nexus to South Florida residents, teachers, and school children. Through educational workshops, classroom learning, online community forums and interactive tools, WE-LAB seeks to motivate community-wide water-energy-saving behaviors and foster long-term environmental stewardship through money-saving actions.

WE-LAB participants will learn to track and analyze their water and energy use at home and apply the behaviors learned at schools, workshops and through an online community in order to take action and make improvements. Hands-on learning activities address:

  • Water-Energy Nexus Dynamics
  • Water-Energy Nexus impact on air pollution, health of our water supply, energy reliability and long-term community sustainability
  • Residential water and energy use impacts on Water-Energy Nexus
  • Impact of personal decisions and behaviors on GHG and strategies to protect the water supply
  • Community benefits in a reduction of regional energy, water and carbon footprint
  • Benefits of water conservation and costs reductions on utility bills

Funded by the the Miami Foundation, WE-LAB is being implemented by Dream in Green and Miami-Dade County, and will serve as a model replicable across the country. WE-LAB is currently being expanded to the South Florida region.